SeaTrucks Ferries – Fleet


Built 1978
Rickmers Werft, Bremerhaven, Germany
Size 5,881gt
116.31M x 18.22M x 5.3M
Capacity Lane Meters: 752 (65 trailers)
12 Drivers
2 x MARK (4,413kW)
Route Warrenpoint-Heysham

The early career of the Moondance followed the same pattern with registry in Bermuda (under the name of the Emadala Shipping Co) and use on Gilnavi services to Egypt and Lebanon and bought by the Italian company in 1987. Emadala was acquired by Cenargo in 1990 and, flying the Bahamas flag, was chartered to sail as Merchant Victor making a first acquaintance with Warrenpoint on the Merchant Ferries service from Heysham and charters to Crowley Caribbean and North Sea Ferries before being leased by Seatruck in 1997.

RR Challenge

Built 1998
Ast. de Huelva S.A., Spain
Size 7,800gt
122.23M x 19.8M x 6.21M
Capacity Lane Meters: 1,057M
12 Drivers
2 x Wärtsilä 9R32
Route Dublin – Liverpool

Built in 1998 at Huelva, Spain as the Lembitu for the Estonian Shipping Company, was chartered to P&O Irish Sea on completion and placed on Dublin – Liverpool service. In Autumn 1998 she was chartered to Dart Line and placed on their Dartford-Vlissingen route, and was renamed Dart 7 in 1999 until the charter ended later that year. She was subsequently chartered to Cetma, France where she sesumed the name Lembitu and operated between Marseille and Tunis. In 2000 she returned to P&O Irish Sea and resumed Dublin – Liverpool sailings as Celtic Sun. In 2001 this charter ended and she again reverted to the name Lembitu, and took up Heysham – Dublin service with NorseMerchant Ferries. In late 2001 she returned to the Baltic in ESCO service. In 2003 she took up Rostock – Helsinki – Muuga service with Scandlines until December 2004 when she was chartered to Channel Freight Ferries. In March 2005 she returned to the Irish Sea operating between Heysham and Dublin with NorseMerchant Ferries again. Later in 2005 she was sold to Elmira Shipping, Greece and renamed RR Challenge. In June 2005 she joined Seatruck fleet.

Clipper Point

Built 2007
Astilleros de Huelva, Spain
Size 14,706gt
1142M x 23M x 5.2M
Capacity Lane Meters: 1,830M
2 x Wärtsilä 8L46D
Route Warrenpoint-Heysham

Delivered to Seatruck Ferries in March 2008.