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The Merrion Lounge / HSC Express has been sold
« Last post by Steven on October 12, 2018, 09:36:03 PM »
The former Larne to Troon fast craft EXPRESS has been sold to Greek interests for service from Rafina.  She is currently in Las Palmas following the conclusion of her summer charter to ARMAS
« Last post by Steven on October 12, 2018, 09:33:06 PM »
Sea trials POSSIBLY starting next Friday.  Iíve heard there have been more setbacks though but at least there are suggestions of it happening.  Of course it could be some time after trials before she is delivered.
The News Board / Re: Swift Winter Lay-up
« Last post by Steven on October 12, 2018, 09:29:15 PM »
I can now confirm that DUBLIN SWIFT will leave Dublin for Larne on Monday.  This is to load items for maintenance during her layover.  She is then expected to proceed to Belfast for layover.
Discussion Board / Re: M.V.Oscar Wilde model
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 11:29:03 PM »
Hi lads

Iím looking to build a model of the Oscar Wilde,but Iím looking where I can get technical drawings if I can also any particulars eg air draft depth to car deck and dept to cabin deck?I have her length width and draft
Any help greatly appreciated
Iíll have a dig - I think I might have some details about her on the computer.  No drawings unfortunately which is what Iím guessing you ideally need
The Merrion Lounge / Re: Norman Leader has found a route at last
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 11:24:20 PM »
Images of Nova Star in its new career her,Transport/to-nowa-jakosc-na-baltyku-bylismy-na-pokladzie-promu-nova-star.html

How a shipyard made such a cluster fxxx of a megaÄÄÄ ferry is still hard to understand, although for a ferry purpose built for Portsmouth France it is a bit small and lacking in freight capacity, then given deadweight issues further limiting freight capacities, it was never going to have a happy ending.

I think a lot of it was related to the fact that they had never actually built a ferry before.  Not exactly a simple project to cut your teeth on!  She looks nicely fitted out inside though.
The News Board / Re: Stena Line fleet movements
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 11:13:32 PM »
In relation to the North Sea twins they have 5,500 lane metres while the EFlexer + will have 3,600, so still a massive difference in size.

In relation to the North channel, the Forerunner is expected to go back to the North Sea in January and I would expect the next of the sister vessels in the Stena RoRo fleet to come off charter to replace it.

They can carry huge volumes of freight and next year, this may be very important, time to get ready and have capacity available.

Great E Flexer article here

(Thanks to all involved in niferry site, great resource to have available)

Thanks for your kind comments GG.  Hopefully I (and of course the contributors) can continue to provide a useful resource.  (I've been unable to login here for some time but finally achieved it this evening)

STENA VINGA is now in service (and looking much nicer in Stena livery) and has released STENA GOTHICA to replace STENA NORDICA on TravemŁnde-Liepaja
STENA NORDICA will be returning to the Karlskrona - Gdynia route again next month as an additional vessel (HUGE growth on that route)
STENA FREIGHTER has been sold to Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and will transport rocket components!

Thanks Steven,

Re Karlskrona-Gydnia, do you think that the stretched E-Flexers might be destined there?

Totally possible.  Chances are Stena havenít even 100% decided yet though.  Volumes on that route seem to only be going one way, and running 4 vessels just to meet demand canít be that efficient.

The E-Flexer+ are practically designed for the Poland Sweden services, replace four Ferries with two.

Stena Vinga seems to be settling down to service on Gothenburg Fredrickshaven although there were big delays as it does not have a bow ramp on first few crossings.


Wonder if we will see Stena Vinga on Irish Sea providing cover during refit period ?

With how traffic is growing I wouldnít be surprised if one of the current vessels stayed on IF the two larger E-Flexers go there anyway. 

Iíd rule STENA VINGA out as refit relief on the Irish Sea because of her stern-only loading capability and freight capacity.  Given how successful she has been in the past Nordica would be my bet to be honest - she can literally cover every route in the Irish Sea network (except Heysham of course) if required. 

Thereís also E-Flexer number 1 to hopefully turn up at some stage as well of course.  It could be an interesting year for Stena Line Irish Sea with the odd surprise as well.
The News Board / Re: Swift Winter Lay-up
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 11:03:03 PM »

Oscar Wilde is on the booking engine until the end of the year so I doubt it will be laying up anywhere.

thanks for the updates re WB Yeates, looking forward to a trip on it next year.

That might depend on when Yeats turns up which according to current talk will be sometime between November and next February!  Of course if Novemeber we are getting very close to Xmas, then thereís the dry dock season after anyway during which I assume Oscar will be the cover vessel.
The News Board / Re: Swift Winter Lay-up
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 10:59:15 PM »
I heard from the Crew on Swift that both Swift and Oscar wilde are laying up in Liverpool for the Winter

You heard wrong then Iím afraid to say :).
The News Board / Re: Brittany Ferries launch Cork - Santander route
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 10:58:21 PM »
Nice review of service to Santander here

Car deck doesnít look very full for a July sailing anyhow!  Hopefully things pick up in tourism terms for the second year.  It will be interesting to see how reliability is over winter now, which could make or break the service in terms of freight.  Haulage contacts suggest loads have been low in terms of freight for both Connemaraís runs, but of course that trade will always take time to build.
The News Board / Re: Irish Ferries Fleet movements
« Last post by Steven on October 11, 2018, 10:50:32 PM »
Feels a bit like that - Stena haven't cancelled any sailings yet.

When I checked at 15:30 they had!  As had P&O on Dublin - Liverpool.
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