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Suggestion: A way of not seeing posts waiting for approval

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welsh weather

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Hey, A few new members have been posting "Hello" posts and they dont see it so they keep retrying and retrying... Is there any way for us not to see the pending approval posts?


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I don't think so unfortunately.  I am about to PM larry on Facebook to see if he can at least clear up the discussion board.
Steve in Belfast (suburbia)

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Sorry - i was away the last few days, i've cleaned things up this evening.

In future, best thing to do is hit "Report to moderator" on the bottom of a post, and someone will remove it.

I'm kinda slow to limit posts to be approved, it wouldn't be encouraging to new members (the current system isn't that friendly to new members as it is). At the moment we have fairly hefty spam database checks, but it will never be possible to make the boards spam free.