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Main site back online

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Hi everyone!

Over the last number of months I have had various problems with malware taking the site offline. Keeping the forum live was the priority, as it gets the vast majority of the traffic to the site. Life, in general has made finding the time to with everything else however a bit more difficult. I have over the last few weeks rebuilt the main site (and moved it to a new CMS platform), which I have installed a number of security features on. The site itís self is now hosted along side a number of other sites I run (saving me a lot in the hosting costs). 

Still on the to do list, I need to make some changes to ensure the site loads even faster, and I want to update the forumís theme so it reflects the main site.
I also still have a vague plan to update the content on the main site, but not sure how to go about that yet!

As always, thanks for visiting, contributing, and your support through out the year. There is a great community spirit on here, Iíll try arrange some sort of meet up in the new year.

Finally, I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, and a very happy new year!


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Nice one Kieran, thanks for all the hard work you put in.


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Thanks to Kieran for keeping everything going and to all the posters who make this place what it is.
Happy New Year to all!

loch garman

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Thanks Kieran and happy new year to everyone  :) :) :)


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Thanks & fair play to you Kieran  8)