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Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018(Read 4972 times)
Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018 on: December 20, 2018, 10:05:56 am
I decided to travel from Holyhead to Dublin on the Oscar Wilde last Monday.

There was one other foot passenger.

Facilities at Holyhead are poor.

I had received a text from IF saying that my return journey form Dublin that evening on the Ulysses would be cancelled because of weather.   Also the afternoon Dublin - Holyhead Oscar Wilde was due to be cancelled because of the weather.  However, Stena were sailing to schedule, and I asked if I could transfer my ticket to the Adventurer'r 20:40 sailing that evening but was told by IF staff that they couldn't do anything I would have to as in Ireland! Excellent service and customer care!

The bus to the Wilde had a broken seat, and the facilities at Holyhead seemed full and congested with little room for expansion and the Terminal 3 building closed.

However, boarded OW.  She is a very nice ship.  Not all facillties were open but I couldn't complain as Left Bank and Cafe Lafayette were open.  Prices were a little steep though.  Ship was very clean and arrived more or less on tme in Dublin, but it did take 30 m before getting off.

OW probably a better ship than Yates!

Received a ext fro IF saying I could go back on the Adventurer.   Still don't understand why OW crossings and Ulysses crossings were cancelled with Stena operating to time and wether at that time only about 4-6.

Travelled to Dublin and back for Adventurer.  Wind increasing to around a force 8.

Facilities were all open on Adventurer except for bottom MET which had seating and counter roped off.  Did rough weather route towards Llyn Peninsula, then back up to Holyhead, southerly wind.  Slight vessel movement and crashing from time to time, but nothing too uncomfortable, arriving n Holyhead around 1 hour 30 minute late, but did depart 20 minutes early, so not too

Adventurer was ok and n good condition, although general arrangement with two main cafeterias a bit odd.

All in all a fantastic trip but will say one thing, ferries such as the ow are great in terms of design and facilities, and much less bland than Stena.  Hope e flexers are a bit more interesting than Adventurer.

However, IF can improve customer handling skills - despite having asked about 5 times nobody form IF explained why Ulysses was cancelled.  I think it is because of power problems making her less easy to manage in heavy seas.

Anyway let's see what the Yates is like.  Decor looks a bit cheap in my opinion. Honfleur also looks a bit disappointing - more like a freighter /Armorique.

Trying to find out when Yates will be doing some Holyhead trips but IF are a bit coy on this.

Re: Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018 Reply #1 on: January 08, 2019, 07:23:29 pm
I made a quick trip to the UK last week.
Thursday night on Ulysses on Eurolines.
Ulysses was quiet, only about 2 lane of trucks along with the 2 coaches  on deck 5. Perfectly smooth sailing.

One of the main reasons for my trip was to take a sailing on the Oscar Wilde.
I sailed on Saturday morning from Holyhead. 4  Foot passengers in total. Check in opened at 7.50 and we we left terminal at 8 on the dot.

the very poor quality of the shuttle bus is by far worst part of these trips along with the cold miserable area they hold passengers in after going through security.

Oscar Wilde is fantastic ship very impressed with quality of the finish. Again very quiet, I know its January.
The Merrion lounge is closed for refurbishment.
Sailing left early and the captain took full scheduled time to arrive in Dublin. Sailing conditions very calm. only negative is the was a lot vibrations/rattles in middle of the ship around the bar. 

Took about 15 mins to get off via mini van.
Very enjoyable trip.

Have yet to travel on the New Swift and obviously cant take to get a trip on the Yeats. not bothered about Epsilon.

Re: Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018 Reply #2 on: January 08, 2019, 08:37:37 pm
Agree with you - Holyhead terminal facilities are appalling.  Considering it's a fairly new terminal very disappointing - before and after security.

Bus for footies had broken seats!

Nevertheless, OW is a very good ship and in good nick.  Very comfortable seating - though many lazy passengers sleeping on them and putting their feet on them!

More than happy to tavel on her again - what a proper ship should be!

Re: Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018 Reply #3 on: January 08, 2019, 09:47:16 pm
Thanks for the trip reports both of you, always nice to get a different perspective from the Ferries that we write about so much.

The passenger transport for footies really does seem to be poor where connected gangways are not available.

Re: Oscar Wilde Holyhead to dublin 17 Decemebr 2018 Reply #4 on: February 17, 2019, 04:53:16 pm
Just joined Forum so apologies if not in right place etc ...
Will travel on W B Yeats Dublin / Holyhead 21 /02/2019 but unable to find any information on Restaurants regarding Menus etc ( required due to Dietary Restrictions ) Any information or advice gratefully received.