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Hauliers: Holyhead-Dublin vs. Liverpool/Heysham Dublin(Read 1934 times)
Hauliers: Holyhead-Dublin vs. Liverpool/Heysham Dublin on: January 12, 2018, 01:34:30 pm
Tring to understand - from the haulier's point of view, what would be the tipping point at which you'd choose Holyhead over Liverpool/Heysham for Dublin freight. With Irish Ferries talking about putting a bigger vessel than Ulysses on the Holyhead route, how low would the price have to drop for you to shift to Holyhead? Would the change from unaccompanied to accompanied be the biggest obstacle (supply chain change and/or availability of drivers on the other side), or the additional road miles or something else? Interested to hear the opinion of owner drivers as well as those at haulage firms.

[For transparency, I work at the Port of Liverpool and we're trying to understand if bigger equipment on competing routes is something we should be concerned about.]