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Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? (Read 3555 times)
Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? on: February 13, 2020, 05:47:52 pm
New Cork-Spain ferry route close to final green light

The "Brexit Buster" ferry route will link Cork with Plymouth in the UK and Vigo in Spain
The delegation from Cork and their Spanish counterparts in Vigo this week.

A new year-round ferry route linking Cork with Vigo in northern Spain - via Plymouth - has taken a big step towards launching this Spring or early Summer.

A delegation of Port of Cork officials travelled to Vigo this week to meet with port officials and ferry operators to finalise arrangements for the new service, which would replace the Cork-Santander service which stops operating at the end of this month.

The loss of the Brittany Ferries operated Cork-Santander route had been met with dismay in Cork, from local businesses, exporters and holiday-makers.

However this new ferry service - as first reported by CorkBeo in October - should provide a much needed transport and trade route in the post-Brexit environment, travelling between Cork, Plymouth and Spain.

The planned joint venture involving one of Europe's biggest ferry operators along with shipping companies in Spain will operate a three-times a week, year round service between Spain, the UK and Ireland.

It would serve tourism as well as being a so-called "Brexit Buster" that provides a new link between Ireland and the continent for imports and exports.

As major new port facilities come online in Cork Harbour, this new route would underline just how important the port of Cork could become in a post-Brexit environment.

Chief Executive of the Port of Cork Brendan Keating was among those to travel to Vigo this week to meet with their Spanish counterparts and discuss the proposed line which is seen as a priority for our two historic port cities.

The Port Authority of Vigo had sent a delegation to Cork before Christmas to discuss the new route, even as Brittany Ferries was making plans to end the Cork-Santander route and instead operate their Spanish link from Rosslare.

A statement from Port of Vigo said the visit by the Cork delegation had been a success and the new Cork-Plymouth-Vigo route was "highly sought after by the fishing and transport logistics sectors - potential customers have exceeded initial forecasts".

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Re: Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 11:34:17 pm

Vigo Port Authority website which referenced the visiting delegation of Brendan Keating and Nick Burke from the Port of Cork to Vigo on February 12, 2020 which followed on from a previous visit last December to Cork by members of the Port Authority of Vigo, Xunta de Galicia and Galician companies where the launch of a maritime line that would link Vigo with Plymouth, in the south west of England, was put on the table, with a previous stop at the Port of Cork. An Atlantic Ferry Line project, highly demanded by the fishing and logistics sector, where, according to its managers, potential customers have exceeded initial forecasts.

Re: Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? Reply #2 on: February 19, 2020, 02:12:16 am
"Vigo and Cork mature the project of the new maritime line of Atlantic Ferry"

Responsible for the Port of Cork (Ireland) and the Port Authority of Vigo on Wednesday addressed the new Atlantic Ferry Lines maritime project , which would link both enclaves with Plymouth (United Kingdom). A route designed for road and passenger cargo , which would be an “important boost” to commercial and tourist relations between Galicia and Ireland, according to the Government of the Xunta.

The Irish delegation, composed of those responsible for the Cork terminal and the Maritime Captaincy, has held a working meeting in the port of Vigo , with the presence of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Xunta, Román Rodríguez.

The objective of this visit is to “continue taking steps” in the impulse of this new line that would link Vigo with Plymouth , in the southwest of England, and with Cork, as well as study other possible ways of collaboration. The meeting continues the visit to the Irish port in December by the Xunta de Galicia , the Vigo Port Authority, and the shipping company.

The Atlantic Ferry Line project presents a “great demand” on the part of the fishing and logistics sector, according to the Vigo port authority, which ensures that the interest of potential customers has exceeded initial forecasts.

Source: El (Maritime section) February 13. 2020
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Re: Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? Reply #3 on: February 19, 2020, 02:54:46 am
Still no ship, actual ferry operator, or port agreements for anywhere but Vigo AFAIK.  This is a case of a port management company wanting someone to start a route to boost traffic through their port so far as I can tell.  Representatives from Cork have met them and of course they’d be interested in supporting such a route IF it gets off the ground (Especially after losing the majority of the Bf sailings), but a meeting between two ports is nothing unusual.  I notice Cork Beo regurgitated their older article as well (still referencing Grimaldi who have ruled themselves out), which itself was based on rather optimistic reporting from Spain. 

Interestingly Rosslare are also apparently in talks with an operator about another European route.
Steve in Belfast (suburbia)


Re: Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? Reply #4 on: February 19, 2020, 03:40:16 pm
Fair comment in relation to a lack of firm announcements made to date on a vessel, port agreement and so on.

That said, the Port of Cork were said to have been exploring options for a direct Cork to Spain ferry link for many years AFAIK. I seem to recall reading about it as far back as 2010 around the same time as Fastnet Line and it's attempts at resuming and operating albeit; for a brief period, the Cork to Swansea ferry link using the MV Julia vessel.

Looking back the Port of Cork was exploring the Cork Spain long before the BREXIT referendum in 2016 was called and this was also before LD Lines had launched the short-lived Rosslare - St.Nazaire - Gijon venture.

Not sure if the Port of Cork are just attempting to save face following the withdrawal by Brittany Ferries of it's Cork to Santander service or; if they can secure a new route to Northern Spain and more importantly help to make it a sustainable venture long into the future.

Only time will tell.

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Re: Is a New Cork to Spain route about to proceed? Reply #5 on: July 23, 2020, 06:24:33 pm
As Brittany Ferries announces an expansion of it's direct services to France & Spain out of both Cork and Rosslare for 2021 season, it seems to suggest the wider industry will also have to focus it's efforts away from using the UK as a landbridge to the continent from the start of 2021.

Meanwhile the Port of Cork may still be looking to secure a Cork to Spain direct link once again especially if there is no prospect of an agreement between UK and the European Union once the current transition trading period ends on 31st December as the UK finally leaves the E.U. trading bloc altogether - UK government has indicated previously that it would not seek to extend the transition period which would result in a hard Brexit. The Port of Cork was disappointed when the Cork to Santander link was axed last February as it had hoped to expand it's Cork/Spain link even prior to the closure of the Cork Santander link. Question is - will a no deal Brexit scenario result in any further additional ferry links with the continent as time gets closer to the deadline. 

Will a Cork to Vigo link become a reality in the years ahead?
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