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Discussion Board / Stena Lagan/Mersey
« on: July 02, 2013, 10:31:17 am »
While we live not far from Belfast, we would usually use Dublin/Holyhead when travelling to/from England - easier to get to places from there than from Cairnryan, and the length of the Birkenhead crossing has put me off so far.  We've two young kids, and didn't want to push my luck finding things for them to do for 8hrs.

Tempted to give the route a go next year, though, now that they're a bit older (6 & 8).  Anyone been on the Lagan / Mersey since their latest upgrades, and can give a feel for the level of comfort onboard / ease of keeping kids amused on them?  (Yes, this is just my flimsy excuse for getting a little closer to the goal of travelling on all the Irish Sea ferries!)

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