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Discussion Board / Birkenhead-Belfast Port Infrastructure
« on: January 12, 2020, 04:43:22 pm »
The second of Stena's new vessels, the Stena Edda is reportedly due to arrive in the spring. I am wondering if anybody knows if any works are being conducted at Belfast and Birkenhead, ready for her reception.

I assume Stena Edda will be capable of double deck loading and presumably they will be making modification at the ports for her to be able to do so, which, especially at Birkenhead, could be quite complex and I would have expected such works are now in progress.

Alternatively, it may have been decided that, due to her time spent in port - usually around 4 hours, there is sufficient time for her to unload and reload using single deck only, especially given that unlike the current vessels, she will be a through loading ship (again an assumption).

Does anybody know of such works and/or the loading method she will be likely to undertake?

For no reason whatsoever, I found myself thinking about the naming of the new ferry over the weekend and what basis they will use for doing so.

So in true style of "Ask the Audience", what does everybody prefer? Poll above!

(Please note: "Boaty McBoatface" is NOT an option!)

Discussion Board / Ambassador/Nordica/Malo: Where next?
« on: January 11, 2016, 01:20:47 pm »
Following on from my post on the IF movements thread, I thought it would be worth a right royal speculation on where Malo Seaways may next be working, 'cos we're good at stuff like that!

News is she is likely to be leaving her DFDS Charter early, so what could next be in store for her?

My own initial thought as reported could possibly be to replace Epsilon at Irish Ferries, but she would probably be to thirsty for the French runs.

Many have claimed for some time that she would make a suitable replacement for Stena Europe on the Southern corridor, but it sounds like money is to be spent on Europe during her down-time, meaning she isn't going anywhere.

A return to the Baltic probably isn't on the cards, given the emissions restrictions coming in over there.

However, another possibility, given her powerful engines and the lower cost of fuel could be to re-uprate her props and offer an express service somewhere - could even be a replacement for the Dublin Swift or Manannan, not to the same speed but probably a more economical alternative.

Other suggestions please.

The Merrion Lounge / Port of Registry
« on: December 13, 2015, 01:43:26 pm »
I'm just wondering how the British Ports of Registry are organised and, in particular, why vessels are never registered to Holyhead.

The former St Columba and Stena Explorer ferries were registered to London, as is the current Stena Adventurer. Stena Superfast X is registered to Cardiff. Most, if not all of Holyhead Towing's vessels are registered to Beaumaris. Why not Holyhead?

The News Board / Weather Woes
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:54:11 pm »
All four of the big ships - Epsilon, Adventurer, Nordica and Ulysess are currently circling the port of Holyhead waiting for a break in the weather to attempt berthing.

(Would be a great photo opportunity but I wouldn't suggest venturing out onto the breakwater).

The Merrion Lounge / Coming Through! Pride of Calais beaches at Aliga
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:28:00 pm »
Found this this morning.

I love the bit where it pans round to show the crane guy sat on the front of his machine without a care in the world as the vessel thunders towards him, horns blasting.

The Merrion Lounge / Photo-shipped!
« on: January 08, 2014, 02:57:57 pm »
Over recent months, a few instances have crept up of "photographic suggestions" appearing where some of our ships have changed a little bit to demonstrate a point, or appearing in places they have never been. I therefore have decided to start this thread to collaborate these ideas for no other purpose than our own amusement. Hope nobody minds.

For my first contribution, I was taken with the photo of the three Irish Ferry girls together in Dublin, but did feel that The Isle of Inishmore looked a little plain next to her sisters, so I got the cyber paint pot out.

(Sorry it's not very good, I only have MS paint at the moment)

The Merrion Lounge / Bunkering at Holyhead
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:24:18 pm »
I'm curious!

Every so often, a tanker arrives at terminal 4 and offloads, presumably into the large cylindrical tanks on Salt Island. However, also at regular intervals, another tanker, usually Whitchampion, turns up and supplies some of the ferries directly at their berths. There are also diesel bunkers for the fishing and small vessels at the South Quay of the Inner Harbour and Stena Explorer has her special fuel, I assume in the cylinders near her berth, but I never see either of these two being re-supplied.

Does anybody know how it all operates exactly?

The Merrion Lounge / Earthquakes under Irish Sea
« on: August 29, 2013, 05:33:17 pm »

Discussion Board / Main Engine Power
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:01:51 am »
Discussions on other threads led me to check the Stena ships operating around UK and European waters and the power developed by engines. There are a couple of surprises in there, and assuming that similar to other types of motor vehicle, whilst load mass and hull efficiency will have their effects, big engines usually equal big running costs, and may be a factor in determining where such vessels may operate in future.

From the Stena Freight website, in deminishing order of power output:

Stena Explorer............................68000kW
Stena Superfast VII/VIII..............46000kW
Stena Nordica.............................39600kW
Stena Carisma (Express).............34000kW
Stena Britannica/Hollandica..........33600kW
Stena Adventurer........................25920kW
Stena Jutlandica..........................25920kW
Stena Scandinavica.....................25920kW
Stena  Germanica........................23000kW
Stena Transporter.......................21600kW
Stena Performer/Precision...........16000kW
Stena Europe..............................15200kW
Stena Nautica.............................12500kW
Stena Lagan/Mersey....................10800kW
(Other fuel-guzzling vessels and operators are available).

One thing that jumps out at me is the difference in engine power between Stena Nordica and Stena Europe, leading me to wonder whether she would actually be considered a permanent replacement at all.

 It would be nice to put some actual fuel usage figures against each of the above vessels, unfortunately that information doesn’t appear to be freely available on the web.

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