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Brittany Ferries fleet movements(Read 168025 times)
Re: Brittany Ferries fleet movements Reply #375 on: April 04, 2021, 12:45:49 pm
Armoriques Rosslare to St Malo freight sailings have been replaced by a Cork to St Malo route.
Armorique will depart  St Malo Friday night at 8pm arriving in Cork at 2pm.
Departing Cork Saturday at 6pm arriving Roscoff Sunday at noon.   
Departing Roscoff Monday at 8pm arriving Cork Tuesday at 2pm
and departing Cork Tuesday at 8pm arriving St Malo at 2pm Wednesday

Re: Brittany Ferries fleet movements Reply #376 on: April 17, 2021, 07:59:07 pm
Few pics of Armorique departing Cork for Roscoff earlier this evening

Re: Brittany Ferries fleet movements Reply #377 on: April 25, 2021, 01:24:53 pm
Armorique passing Roches Point Lighthouse yesterday evening bound for Roscoff

Re: Brittany Ferries fleet movements Reply #378 on: May 09, 2021, 02:04:22 pm
No surprise but BF have postponed resumption of passenger services to 6th June

Brittany Ferries has confirmed that it will not resume its full sailing schedule on 17th May as it had originally planned. The decision comes following changes to international travel rules, and in particular clarification of the UK government?s traffic light framework.

Normal sailings are now scheduled to resume on 6th June, however the situation will be continuously reviewed. The company says it is hopeful that France and Spain will be re-allocated to the green list shortly, thanks to falling Covid cases and rapidly rising vaccination rates.

 As a result of this decision the following sailings will now not operate from 17th May until 6th June:

    Armorique Plymouth/Roscoff & Roscoff/Cork (passenger sailings)
    Barfleur Poole/Cherbourg
    Bretagne Portsmouth/St Malo
    Cap Finist?re Portsmouth/Bilbao
    Pont-Aven Plymouth/Roscoff, Plymouth/Santander & Roscoff/Cork
    Normandie Portsmouth/Caen (passenger sailings)

Despite this the company will continue to operate a number of core services from 17th May until 6th June for those passengers who are still able to travel ? for example for essential travel reasons ? and for the carriage of freight. These routes and sailings are as follows:

    Armorique Roscoff/Cork & Cork/St Malo, Poole/St Malo (freight only)
    Connemara Rosslare/Bilbao & Rosslare/Cherbourg
    Cotentin Portsmouth/Le Havre (freight only)
    Galicia Portsmouth/Santander & Portsmouth/Cherbourg
    Mont St Michel Portsmouth/Caen
    Normandie Portsmouth/Caen (freight only)
    Pelican Poole/Bilbao (freight only)

Brittany Ferries is in the process of contacting all affected customers in order to arrange alternative sailings, or a refund. It is likely that the passenger relations teams will be extremely busy during this period, and customers affected by these changes are requested to wait to be contacted concerning their booking. Brittany Ferries apologises for any disruption to travel plans.

 ?We?re disappointed to be postponing our return to normal operations, and I offer my sincere apologies to all our customers whose travel plans will be affected,? said Christophe Mathieu, CEO Brittany Ferries.

?But the reality is that current travel rules in our four markets ? UK, France, Spain and Ireland ? have significantly weakened demand. In the current climate, where our company relies on bank loans to carry it through the most difficult period in its history, it is simply not possible to run loss-making services without passengers.

?Looking ahead however, we remain optimistic. The health situation is improving, not only in the UK but also in France and Spain. And the vaccine rollout is moving apace. We believe that ferry travel is now more attractive than ever. Passengers can avoid the crowds and concerns that come travelling by air. As soon as the situation allows, we will welcome passengers back ? and offer them a safe, comfortable and enjoyable means to reach beautiful destinations by sea.?

Re: Brittany Ferries fleet movements Reply #379 on: Today at 05:10:56 pm
Sitting in the bar of the Pont Aven as it edges out to sea. Loading was quite slow as passports, tickets, covid cert were all checked. Ship is about one third full, nearly all Irish although I saw one German car and a couple of French ones. Mask wearing indoors is 100%. It just feels so good to be back to some form of normal.