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Discussion Board / Fares scam - in my humble opinion
« on: February 14, 2016, 12:14:14 pm »
Irish Ferries have confirmed to me that their flexibility option for £10 really is a scam. If I book a fare well in advance I get a cheaper fare which rises as the departure date gets closer. Classic Ryan air tactic. Difference is Ryan Air runs to capacity and Irish Ferries are usually comparatively empty.
So I book a return fare and pay £10 on the return portion to avoid the administration charge each time I make a change. That's £10 to push a button or two. Now after arriving on the scheduled booking I want to change the return booking so change the date and book a fare which is £30 cheaper than the original return fare. There is no discount for the cheaper fare I just have to accept that I can change the date and pay any fare difference upwards and do not get a discount if the fare is cheaper. If I didn't have the £10 flexible option I would have to pay £20 for the change and lose the £30 difference so that's £50 so far. That is in the T&C's so I can't legally complain.
Then later before I take the return trip I make another change which is the same fare as my original return booking so that's OK as I should have already covered that in my original payment and I paid the £10 for the flexible option.
Er, no you have to pay the extra £30 for the new return booking. Eh?? You cannot be serious as I already paid that amount. No, what happens is if your second booking is cheaper than your first you lose the benefit of the cheaper fare and it is nullified and your starting fare is now the last booking you made which is the cheap fare so now any higher fare up to your original paid fare is payable again!! ie. you are paying twice for the same fare. That cannot be legal and it is not in the T&C's and is morally corrupt.
Am I wrong ?

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