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In Depth Ferry Specs(Read 18573 times)
Re: In Depth Ferry Specs Reply #30 on: July 03, 2013, 03:48:57 am
"The ferry" full version is about £20 delivered on amazon ATM but not sure how the super saver delivery works with Ireland.  I dont know whats been cut out of the abbreviated version but personally i thought the full version wasnt as in depth as I would have liked, though still worth the purchase price.  The official stena history (published by stena and shippax) is another good book (so long as you can over look the occasional bit of sweglish).  I keep going back to the drawings at the back of every Stena ferry (including those retained from the Sealink takeover) for size comparison for example, which I have not seen anywhere else.  Its also quite frank about the takeover and just how bad a position it left Stena in (there very nearly wasn't a Stena Line anymore which I didn't know about before).   I received the Bruce Peter Stena history (ferry pubs) the other day but haven't had a chance to read yet - the photos look great tho!

For quick reference Nick Widdows Ferries reference book is great, though I have never bought a current version.  The older versions are on eBay second hand for a fraction of the price and contain largely the same information.  I believe there are a number of similar publications now though.  However the vast majority of information is available on"fakta" (now working again BTW) with the aid of Google translate unless you want to get really specific.  Ferry is more readable and better laid out but fakta has been around longer iirc and tends to have more detail and pics for example.  For deck plans hhv (old site) is the one to go to.

EDIT:  think I'm possibly talking about the same Stena book as gifgrub but can't confirm as the breakwater site won't load for me.
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Re: In Depth Ferry Specs Reply #31 on: October 30, 2013, 09:22:45 pm
id love to see the collection of books steven, I have a good few here but never enough, would have loved to seen felicity lengthened, does lengthening shorten the life of a ship, I think killian was scrapped before her sisters
Hi Larry

Will have to locate all of them first!  Most of my stuff is Ferry Pubs but have a few by Irish publishers too.  I tend to pick things up on ebay a lot, and even got a Princess Victoria book in Tesco a few months ago lol.  The one book I am really desperate to dig out is Designing Ships for Sealink by rogan and ripley but this has gone missing somewhere along with the vast bulk of my collection.

So far as lengthening goes, I dont think it would affect the life of a ship so long as it is done right (and the lengthening is designed properly with stresses for example recalculated), in the same way a repair after the hull is damaged wont.  How ever Jan Heweliusz style repairs can seriously shorten the lifespan of a vessel obviously, likewise if thinner steel was used on the lengthened section for example then I guess this would also affect the lifespan.  A well maintained lengthened ship is going to last longer than any non-lenthened ship that isnt looked after as well.  I think the aforementioned Rogan and Ripley book might have something in it about Felicity (the book covers some of the ships acquired and modifications made).
So, the missing books appear to have been located (might be 1 or 2 still missing though)

This is the ones found today - im in the process of making myself a database so excuse the format as it was a matter of getting down the main details as quickly as possible!

Fantasia: Creation of a Superferry, Various edited by John Hendy, Sealink British Ferries/Ferry Publications, 1990, 0951350625

Olau, Cowsill, M Hendy, J, Ferry Publications, 1993, 1871947057

Newhaven-Dieppe: The Car Ferry Era, Cowsill, M Hendy, J, Ferry Publications, 1994, 18719472020

Folkestone Boulogne: 1843-1991, Hendy, J, Ferry Pubs, 1991, 0951350668

Stranraer – Larne: The Car ferry Era, Cowsill, M, Ferry Pubs, 1995, 1871947405

Sally Line: The complete story,Breeze, G,  Cowsill, M, Hendy, J, 2001, 1871947642

North Sea Ferries: Across Three Decades, Mitchell, B, Ferry Pubs, 1995, 1871947243

Passenger Ships of the Irish Sea 1919-1969, Liddle, L, Colourpoint, 1998, 1898392307

Car Ferries of the Irish Sea 1954 – 2004, Merrigan, J, Colourpoint, 2004, 1904242251

The Dover – Ostend Line, Hendy, J, Ferry Pubs, 1991, 095135065x
Designing Ships for Sealink, Ripley, D, Rogan, T, Ferry Pubs, 1995, 1871947340

Inside Olau, Ogilvie, A, Ferry Pubs, 1994, 1871947235

Harwich Hoek van Holland, A 100 Years of Service, Cowsill, M, Haalmeijer, F, Hendy, J, Ferry Pubs, 1993 (Dutch/English)

Ferries of the British Isles and Northern Europe. Widdows, N, Ferry Pubs, 2000, 1871947588

I will update this post at a latter date with the rest!  Been quite a few additions over the past year or 2
Steve in Belfast (suburbia)