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Discussion Board / Lengthening and upgrading Ulysses
« on: January 26, 2018, 05:23:59 pm »
Given the fact that New Build 2 will be based on a Ulysses design with enhancements when it arrives from Flemsburg in mid - 2020 with its three tier bow loading, what are the chances of Irish Ferries upgrading and lengthing Ulysses to three tier loading along with installation of scrubber technology and interior refurbishment.

Ulysses could do with a proper freight drivers lounge with reclining seats, more cabins and perhaps they could reintroduce the Quays a la carte restaurant on level 11,

The News Board / Swift Replacement
« on: October 16, 2016, 06:49:13 pm »
My favourate fast ferry to replace the Swift is the Austal 112 Metre MV Leonora Christina currently operating for BornholmerFærgen to and from  Bornholm until September 2017. She can hold 1'400 passengers and 355 cars on three decks or a mixture of 113 cars and up to 40 buses, vans and trucks. She loads both through Bow and Stern allowing vehicles access to all decks. She was constructed in 2011 as Austals biggest ever car ferry so she is relatively young, She uses 7.4 tons of fuel per hour at  38 knots with a full load equating to 50 tons of fuel daily being more fuel efficient and cost effective to run than the swift.

The main dimensions are: LOA 112.6 m, beam 26.2 m and maximum draft 4.85 m, maximum deadweight 1,102 tons (1,000 tonnes). Although shorter that Austal’s 127 m trimaran ferry Commadore Liberation in terms of carrying capacity with 1400 passengers and 355 cars, the vessel is one of the world’s largest high speed ferries and has the highest vehicle-passenger capacity of any Austal built vessel. Due to the vessel’s size the 187 ton (170 tonne) upper deck “super unit” could only be fitted after the hull emerged the fabrication hall

The vessel’s wheelhouse extends across the full width of the vessel, providing the crew with maximum visibility especially in winter fog, snow and other adverse conditions. It is equipped with Austal’s Marine Link fully integrated monitoring and control system providing the ship’s engineers with the ability to monitor and control the vessel’s safety, propulsion, generating and other operationally critical systems.

Propulsion is provided by four MAN 20V 28/33D medium speed diesel engines each rated at 12,064 hp (9,000 kW) at 1,000 rpm. The engines are arranged in an offset tandem configuration, two per hull driving four Rolls-Royce KaMeWa 125 SIIINP water jets via Reintjes 7541 transmissions. Maximum speed is 40 kn with a service speed at 90 per cent MCR of 37.6 kn.

Her higher placement in the water over the swift should help her to operate at higher wave heights on the irish sea making her more weather resilient and to take bigger summer and weekend loads on the Dublin - Holyhead route.

Potentially i could see her operating from Dublin to the Isle of Man in the evenings at weekends.

Discussion Board / Swift to be replaced
« on: October 09, 2015, 12:22:01 am »
There is a rumour doing the rounds in Irish Ferries that the Jonathan Swift has been sold,

Rumour is that it will be replaced by a much bigger vessel capable of up to three round trips per day.

possible candidates are

Austal Autoexpress 113   Possibly Huakai Catamaran
United States Maritime Administration after bankruptcy and abandonment of the ship by Hawaii Superferry
 Hawaii Still under construction

Alternatives capable of 27 knots
Gothland / Visby
Viking Express
Tallink Shuttle

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