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A senior Stena crew member hinted to me that there is the ?potential? for Stena to move one of the Dublin Holyhead ships to Rosslare for a direct continental service IF in the event of a no deal brexit departure, demand reduces on the central corridor? Supposing Stena receive 25% of the annual 170000 annual land bridge units transiting through Holyhead, it would mean circa 800 units a week looking to avoid the grid locked UK landbridge. That could potentially support a 2000m+ lane metre ship on a three times a week service? Lot of what if?s and the biggest is obtaining support from the hauliers as it is a more time consuming crossing than is currently available. Un accompanied units are the more likely customers for this potential market, so a large RO Pax ship would not be cost efficient for any potential new route. Also which ever continental port is assessed it would need at least a 100+ trailer park to accommodate this potential traffic.

Discussion Board / Stena Estrid.
« on: April 12, 2020, 09:33:09 pm »
Estrid is off Dublin bay at anchor with the afternoon rotation out of Dublin cancelled today Easter Sunday. According to Stena’s website ferry check the reason is due weather! Is the Estrid more limiting in bad weather compared to Superfast X? Or is this a ‘Tactical’ cancellation due the current climate and booked load?

I’m no expert but X seemed to sail more regularly regardless of the conditions and I’ve been on her when she had to wait for terminal 3 to free up at Holyhead in a strong westerly?

Just interested to know whether the E Flexers are not as agile during inclement conditions.

The News Board / Ulysses This Evening
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:08:10 pm »
Marine Traffic is showing the Ulysses as being berthed stern in at Dublin this evening prior to her 20:55 sailing , is this just a blip  on the AIS? or is her bow door knackered. Just interested.

The News Board / Norway positioning off Anglesy
« on: January 30, 2013, 02:16:01 pm »
Hi new to the forum any info on why Norbay was routing off Anglesey coast lunchtime to day on route from Dublin to Liverpool. There was a Liverpool pilot vessel in the vicinity would they take on a pilot that far out? I know it is a pretty rotten day on the Irish Sea just seems strange that she was so close to the north Anglesey coast?

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