Brittany Ferries’ Galicia to operate Rosslare Bilbao from November


Brittany Ferries has confirmed the introduction of a more tourism-oriented ship Galicia on to its Rosslare/Bilbao route from November of this year. The huge cruise-ferry is one of the newest additions to the Brittany Ferries fleet having been launched in December 2020.

Currently the Rosslare-Bilbao route is served by the Connemara, a predominantly freight vessel with limited facilities for holidaymakers. This befitted the company strategy of establishing freight links from Ireland to Spain. Now the route has proved a success however, attention is turning to passenger traffic.

Brittany Ferries set up its Rosslare – Bilbao route in February 2020. It was set up primarily as a freight route and this was reflected in the choice of Connemara with its relatively limited facilities for holidaymakers. This was at a time when Brexit was seen as having the potential to cause major disruptions for hauliers. The route has been a success in relation to freight but despite the limited facilities on board it began to attract holidaymakers who wished to take their car to Spain, as well as visitors from Northern Spain to Ireland.

Photo: Brittany Ferries